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Bonus #1: $100/Day Quickstart Checklists
There's a reason airline pilots and surgeons follow checklists. Because it leads to consistent results and outcomes. We're going to give you the exact step-by-step $100/Day checklists we use to quickly and ramp up new products every single time we launch one

You'll get access to the following 
when you Join H-Com:

-The $100/Day Store Design Checklist
-The $100/Day Product Checklist
-The $100/Day FB Ads Checklist
Bonus #2: 90 Days Of Proven To Sell Products Hand Delivered
Instead of guessing if a product will sell or not we'll be giving you already proven to sell products and update the list with fresh products daily

Not only will you be receiving proven products

For most of the products we'll also include:

-Prewritten product descriptions
-High quality video ads you can plug and play
-Targeting ideas
-Price guidelines

So all you have to do is load these bad boys into your store/ads account and hit go
Bonus #3: Providence Shopify Theme
It's no longer optional to have a premium store or theme... With drop shippers popping up every single day using the same free themes... You need to stand out

When you join H-Com 2.0 you'll get our premium Providence them ($140.00 on the theme store) absolutely free of charge

You'll be able to stick out with this beautiful theme built specifically to turn visitors into customers

And we have easy to follow steps to get it setup and running + 24/7 support to help you if you need it
Bonus #4: Google Shopping Hacks
Tired of competing with Facebook Ads? Look Facebook ads are where we make most of our money... But over the past 3 years we've also profited $2,100,000+ using Google Shopping Ads

And we're giving you the exact system we use to quickly get these setup and generating extra sales for your store

This is the difference between cold calling someone and hoping for a sale... And having someone walk into your store, credit card out & ready to buy

People on Google shopping are doing just that... SHOPPING
Bonus #5: SMART Bundle Upsell
Obviously you've been asked "Do you want fries with that" if you've ever visited a fast food place

That's an upsell... And upsells are a simple way to get extra profit from every visitor who comes to your store

Almost every profitable business uses upsells and it's impossible to do them on Shopify without an App... 

When you join H-Com 2.0 you'll get our SMART Bundle app free of charge with your purchase so you can make more profit from each sale
Bonus #6: 60 Days Free Of Dropified
Remember those profitable products we'll be delivering to you daily? Dropified will allow you to instantly import these products into your store AND THEIR REVIEWS

So you'll instantly have proven to sell products and reviews for those same products on your high conversion Shopify store built with our Providence theme

And then... When you get an order... Dropified will help you automatically fulfill these orders and deliver them to your customers

No more slaving all day fulfilling orders 1-by-1
Bonus #7: Active Community & Coaching Sessions
Want to surround yourself with people who are successful or on their way to it? That's exactly what you'll find inside of our H-Com members only Facebook group

We'll answer any questions you have, give you personal advice and your thousands of peers will be there to assist you at every step of the way as well

It's dangerous to go alone... Take this

We also host 4 coaching sessions each week (with replays) so you'll be able to talk to your coaches directly

And when your store is built we'll even review it for you... Just join our live store reviews coaching call and we'll give you personalized feedback on how to make your store better
Bonus #8: Ads In Reach Design Platform
Graphic design is for nerds... (we're nerds) 

With ads in reach you'll be able to upload your product's photo, we'll remove the background for you and then we'll place your product in a beautiful template to help make your product stand out and increase sales

These templates were hand designed by our 8-Figure designers responsible for millions in sales

And now you'll have access to these same high-quality and customizable templates to allow your product to really shine

Use these for product photos, ads or even banners
Bonus #9: Free Access To Slingly For Life
With HCOM you obtain UNLIMITED access to Slingly and you never have to make another payment again!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You Get everything mentioned, along with live mentoring calls, case studies, plug n play resources and more!
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